About FullMonte Data

FullMonte Data is the first web ophthalmic company to use Big Data Techniques to improve refractive surgery outcomes

Our first project has been in beta test for over 2 years, and is this IOL Calculation Decision Support System. We use advanced technologies to calculate IOL powers optimized to your IOL Workflow:

  • Standard
  • Post Refractive Surgery
  • Femto ReLacs
  • Prediction of Postop Astigmatism with Toric IOLs and LRIs/AKs
We validate your results using Monte Carlo Markov Chain predictions and neural network predictions; We also pool carefully selected results from all our surgeons (>40) to continually improve outcomes. We provide a visual aid to take to the OR which diagrams the IOL Axis Placement and all Calculations - IOLs and Formulas

To view a series of videos showing the software features and operation, Click here

Give us a try! You can subscribe from our Home Page for $99/ Month or $999/year, and discontinue at any time; If you have questions for me or my staff, just Send us a note. Thanks for your time.

Gerald Clarke, M.D.